I have written an update today (Thursday, June 30, 2022) to this webpage, and it’s given at this link here.
I have written an update today (Wednesday, January 19, 2022) to this webpage, and it’s given at this link here.

A brief summary about me and how I came to be in the cross-hairs of Cops (i.e., FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, ATF Agents, Special Deputy U.S. Marshals, Deputy Sheriffs, State Troopers, Police Officers, Probation & Parole Officers, Prison Guards, etc.) from approx. September, 2010:

My name is Umesh Heendeniya, I live in Hernando County, Florida, and have lived here since mid-2014. Prior to that I lived in Massachusetts. I have Never been Convicted of a Felony, and for many years I have been a Peaceful Advocate for The First Amendment Rights and The Second Amendment Rights Contained in The Bill of Rights. I have done my Lawful, Peaceful Advocacy of The First Amendment Rights and The Second Amendment Rights by, in part, having created some years back several Online Websites pertaining these rights, and having created many years ago several Online Web Repositories (Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, ScribD, Box, Slideshare, etc.) that contain many Adobe PDF Documents and Videos.

Approx. June, 2010, I posted a book review on Mr. Mumia Abu Jamal’s book– “Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v. the USA.” About 3 months later, I began an online romantic relationship with a lady “who supposedly lived in Iran,” and a few weeks later began following the Muslim faith (from Fall, 2010 to April, 2013 when I reverted back to Christianity). Shortly after I began communicating with this Iranian lady, members of the Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force (Massachusetts JTTF) began– somewhat covertly– surveilling me, and this lasted until I moved to Florida in mid-2014.

From approx. late-January, 2015 to the Present, “FBI Special Agents” and “FBI Investigative Specialists” of the Tampa-Orlando FBI field office, “Special Deputy U.S. Marshals” assigned to the Tampa-Orlando Joint Terrorism Task Force (Tampa-Orlando JTTF) and/or members of the Tampa-Orlando ATF have been Intensely, Aggressively, and Overtly Surveilling me, Stalking me, and Harassing me. On Jan. 15, 2016, 3 members of the Tampa-Orlando JTTF forcefully Interrogated me against my will through Coercion, even though I had promptly invoked my “Right to Remain Silent” and my “Right to Counsel,” right at the beginning of the interaction with them at my doorstep. Later, through Florida’s version of FOIA (Florida Statute Section 119.07), I found out that 2 of them were FBI Agents with the Tampa-Orlando FBI office while the 3rd was “a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal and a Sheriff’s Detective” with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO in Florida).

I have continued to be Aggressively, In-Your-Face Overtly, and Excessively Surveilled, Harassed, Stalked and Intimidated by “Special Agents” and “Investigative Specialists” of the FBI field office, “Special Deputy U.S. Marshals” assigned to the Tampa-Orlando JTTF, Deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, and on information and belief members of the Tampa-Orlando ATF (On information and belief, members of the Tampa-Orlando ATF are using several of my Online Websites that I’ve created over the years as Pretextual Justification to Surveil, Harass, and Intimidate Me). Because of controlling U.S. Supreme Court case law (such as: Laird v. Tatum, 408 U.S. 1 (1972)) and its progeny in the U.S. Courts of Appeal, there’s not much I can do through litigation, other than silently suffer.

The fact is, Cops (i.e., FBI Agents, ATF Agents, Deputy Sheriffs, Special Deputy U.S. Marshals, State Troopers, Police Officers, Probation & Parole Officers, Prison Guards, etc.) HAVE WEAPONIZED THEIR SURVEILLANCE AUTHORITIES, in order to PUNISH AND DETER PEACEFUL CIVIL RIGHTS & CIVIL LIBERTIES ACTIVISTS (i.e., The Target/Mark of these Rogue Cops) from Advocating for the Protections and Safeguards embodied in The U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights (i.e., my Online Websites on the Internet, where I’ve Advocated for The First Amendment Rights and The Second Amendment Rights Contained in The Bill of Rights AND my Online Web Repositories).

Thus, Cops USING THE PRETEXT OF CONDUCTING COUNTERTERRORISM OR CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS have engaged– for the past approx. 11 years– in Blatantly Overt, In-Your-Face, Aggressive, and Excessive Surveillance of Me (Their Target) for the Purpose of Harassing, Stalking, and Intimidating a Peaceful Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Activist.

(Note: “Special Deputy U.S. Marshals” are Deputy Sheriffs, State Troopers, and Municipal/City Police Officers who wear their regular uniforms while on duty, but who have been given Limited Federal Arrest Powers, and are thus Federal Agents. These limited federal arrest powers and other benefits (i.e., Wages, Health Insurance, Retirement Pension benefits, etc.) that the Special Deputy U.S. Marshals enjoy are delineated in a Contract that is signed between The Federal Government and the original agency that employed the Deputy Sheriff, State Trooper, or Municipal/City Police Officer, and the contract is called a “Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)“).

My Update on Thursday, June 30, 2022:

Corruption and Unethical Conduct by the Tampa-Orlando FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals attached to the Tampa-Orlando JTTF.

******* Several Web Links That You Might Find Useful pertaining to USA v. Brown, 21CR0348 (M.D.Florida 2021) and USA v. Alazhari, 20CR0206 (M.D.Florida 2020) *******


Dr. Trey Herr and Major Sally White on ‘DIGITAL IRREGULAR WARFARE – CYBER AT THE TACTICAL LEVEL‘ (05.20.2022); by Irregular Warfare Podcast at The Modern Warfare Institute:


F.B.I. AGENTS BECAME C.I.A. OPERATIVES IN SECRET OVERSEAS PRISONS” by Carol Rosenberg in The N. Y. Times on Nov. 19, 2021:
Alternative-WebLink: F.B.I. Agents Became C.I.A. Operatives in Secret Overseas Prisons.



INVENTING TERRORISTS – THE LAWFARE OF PREEMPTIVE PROSECUTION” (199 Pages)(April, 2019); by Attorney Stephen Downs, Esq and Attorney Kathy Manley (Coalition for Civil Freedoms):

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DARK SIDE – SECRET ORIGINS OF EVIDENCE IN U.S. CRIMINAL CASES” by Human Rights Watch on January 9, 2018:

My name is Umesh Heendeniya and I live in Hernando County, Florida. For the past approx. 12 years, FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals from 2 Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs)– first the Massachusetts JTTF from Fall, 2010 to Mid-2014, and after I relocated to Florida in May-2014, the Tampa-Orlando JTTF– have persistently Surveilled, Harassed, Stalked, and Intimidated me, in part because I have advocated for The First Amendment Rights and The Second Amendment Rights of The U.S. Constitution, by HAVING CREATED SEVERAL ONLINE WEBSITES some years back. Thus, Cops have relentlessly abused me (in part, by using such psychological Warfare tactics as “Learned Helplessness”, “Intermittent Reinforcement”, Gaslighting, etc.).

Even though I’m not an attorney, over the years observing and analyzing the bold actions and brazen behavior of these Cops, I have wondered how they managed to “create” the POLICY PRECEDENT (Note: Cops have created the CASELAW PRECEDENT over the years by, for example, prosecuting many hundreds of Muslim men over the years after the 9/11 National Tragedy by, for the most part, using Informants and Agent Provocateurs to “Manufacture Terrorist Plots” that the FBI Agents and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals Thereafter “Miraculously Stop”), such that these Cops could get away with these Unjustified, Unethical, Potentially Illegal conduct, while ensuring Job Security and Career Advancement for Themselves.

To set the stage for what I write below, I need to talk about a News-video and a Documentary I saw within the past 12 months:
– In Fall-2021 after the U.S. military withdrawal and after the Taliban had overrun Kabul and seized power in Afghanistan, I believe it was either BBC or Aljazeera which interviewed several former Afghan inmates that the U.S. military had kept imprisoned in the Bagram military prison. These inmates spoke about how the U.S. military M.P.s would silently climb on to the roofs of the prison cells and vigorously stamp their boots on the roofs of the cells of the Afghan inmates, jarring them awake, and scaring and intimidating them.
– Recently I watched the Documentary titled “The Mauritanian” where the story centered around an Arab man named Mr. Mohamedou Ould Slahi from Mauritania who was Renditioned by the CIA to the Guantanamo prison in Cuba (“Gitmo”) and imprisoned for over a decade before being released due to the work of a human rights attorney named Nancy Hollander. In that movie, it showed several scenes where CIA interrogators and Military Intelligence (M.I.) interrogators used the prior noted methods (targeting the Mind and Will Power of the prisoners by utilizing the prisoners’ Sense of SIGHT and SOUND as “Doorways to Their Mind”), as well as methods much more Brutal on Gitmo inmates.

What I realized after watching the 2 video footage mentioned in the prior paragraph is that:

(i). I’m certainly not claiming that I suffered anything equal to the “Enhanced Interrogation” tactics (many human rights attorneys have called these euphemistically named methods as being Torture) at the hands of the Tampa-Orlando FBI Special Agents, Tampa-Orlando FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals attached to the Tampa-Orlando JTTF.

(ii). However, given what I know of the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (“TTPs”) that the above Cops have used against me, especially after May-2014, combined with what I know of the “Dirty Tactics and Illegal Conduct” that FBI Special Agents committed and got away with in the 1960’s under the COINTELPRO Atrocity, and to top it off, the “Enhanced Interrogation” tactics that FBI Special Agents  supposedly indirectly participated in against people such as Mr. Slahi and the former Afghan inmates mentioned in the prior paragraph, I CAN ASSERT WITH CONFIDENCE that FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals attached to JTTFs have subjected me to very high stress over the years, by using TTPs that, I believe they learnt, in part, by Torturing or observing the TTPs used to Torture the above class/segment of Muslim men (or alternatively, these TTPs were taught to them by experienced FBI Agents who learnt, in part, by Torturing or observing the TTPs used to Torture the above class/segment of Muslim men).
(See, the New York Times article titled: “F.B.I. AGENTS BECAME C.I.A. OPERATIVES IN SECRET OVERSEAS PRISONS” by Carol Rosenberg in The N. Y. Times on Nov. 19, 2021. The web-link is given above)

The 1960’s FBI COINTELPRO Atrocity aimed to “Deceive, Delay, Deny, Degrade, Disrupt, and Destroy” the community organizing of Black Civil Rights Advocates and Anti-War Activists.
A Summary of COINTELPRO in 6 Points:
(i).   Undermine the Leadership of the targeted community.
(ii).  Undermine the legitimacy of organizations that advocate on behalf of the targeted community.
(iii). Control the Agenda of the targeted community.
(iv).  Deny, Disrupt, and Disunify the targeted community. (Smear Campaigns)
(v).   Deny the targeted community access to means of mass communication.
(vi).  Bleed the targeted community economically.

Fast forward to the present: A Crucial Process these Cops utilize is, they use VISUAL and AUDITORY ways to create Fear and Anxiety in those that they target for Degredation, Dislocation (attacking the Strengths of a person), and Disruption (attacking the Weaknesses of a person). After all, it’s a fact that People make sense of the world and what goes around them by using their SENSES (Sight, Sound, Smell, etc.), and most significantly, they depend on processing SIGHT and SOUND to a significant extent to Understand what goes around them, and to make sense of the world. Capitalizing on this psychological axiom, what FBI Investigative Specialists, FBI Special Agents, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals attached to JTTFs would do is, they would:

(1). At the initial stage of the Targeting (this stage occurred for me in Florida, back in early 2015, with the Tampa-Orlando FBI and the Tampa-Orlando JTTF), the Agents would be, by design, physically big and imposing so that it was highly likely that you would quickly notice them Glaring or Staring Hard at you (In the Military and Police circles, this Concept is referred to as “Situational Awareness” AND “Threat Assessment”). And, this would happen multiple times over weeks when you go out doing your daily activities such that, after a while, you come to realize that it’s not your Imagination, nor a case of Coincidence, but that there ARE indeed some people who’re FOLLOWING you and, who’re Staring or Glaring at you and trying to Intimidate you. In hindsight analysis, I realize that these Cops are utilizing the VISUAL channel (i.e., the Sense of SIGHT), to cause FEAR, ANXIETY, and STRESS in you, based on PATTERNS OF ACTIVITY (the Psychologist Dr. Gary Klein has written a NY Times Bestsellers about this phenomenon, and he calls it “Recognition Primed Decision Model”) that people naturally form in their minds. As people, we depend to a significant degree on forming PATTERNS that are based on activities and events in our daily life. Cops are EXPLOITING this Natural Pattern Forming Instinct in People, by utilizing especially SIGHT and SOUND (i.e., as Doors/Entrance to Our Minds) to create FEAR, ANXIETY, and STRESS in their target.

(2). Gradually, as the Target of the Cops starts responding in FEAR, ANXIETY, and STRESS in him (due to the Harassing and Threatening behavior of these Cops), and he starts changing his behavior in order to mitigate the significant increase in Stress he’s now undergoing, Cops CAPITALIZE on this Change-in-Behavior (i.e., “Suspicion”) and use this information in a FEEDBACK LOOP to ESCALATE the circumstance and Criminal Investigation (This is the Cops’ intent all along– to “Manufacture a Reason/Justification” for the Escalation).

(3). Cops will next visit some of your Neighbors and get your neighbors to provide INFORMATION on you, and they do this to also create SUSPICION about you, among your neighbors. This also serves to increase the Anxiety and Stress that you would feel.

(4). Cops will also, depending on the neighborhood you live in, send in Undercover Cops and/or Informants, and purchase or rent Homes or Apartments around you. This is done, in part, so that the Cops can begin 24/7, 365-days Vehicular and Foot Surveillance of you.

A Basic 3-part Primer on Surveillance is given on the following Blog:

“Security and Counter Surveillance: Information Against the Police State (Part 1)” by “Black Swan Outdoors”:
Security and Counter Surveillance: Information Against the Police State (Part 1)

Security and Counter Surveillance: Information Against the Police State (Part 2) by “Black Swan Outdoors”:
Security and Counter Surveillance: Information Against the Police State (Part 2)

Security and Counter Surveillance: Information Against the Police State (Part 3) by “Black Swan Outdoors”:
Security and Counter Surveillance: Information Against the Police State (Part 3)

(5). After Cops have, over months and even years, managed to get several Undercover Cops and/or Informants to purchase or rent Homes or Apartments around you, they will utilize the AUDITORY Channel (i.e., the sense of SOUND) to cause Loud Sounds/Noises and Disturbances, including just when you step outside of your home, for example. What the Cops are utilizing is People’s natural Instinct to “Form Patterns in their Minds” that people use to Facilitate “Decision Making”, Ruminating, Thinking, etc (i.e., Their “State of Mind”). Since the Undercover Cops and/or Informants are Neighbors and they’re creating the loud noise within their property, there is not much you can do.

(6). One of the neighbors who moved next door to me in around early-2019 was a new, rookie cop along with his family. He works for the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (“HCSO”) in Florida. This is in spite of me having many years of “issues” with Hernando County Sheriff’s Office ever since moving to Hernando County, Florida in May, 2014. For example:

(i). In September, 2014, a female driver ran me off the road, and it was a miracle that my vehicle didn’t drive off the median into on-coming traffic. As I wrote in detail in a civil rights and medical malpractice lawsuit I filed in October, 2015 in Federal Court in the Northern District of New York [Heendeniya v. St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, 15-cv-01238 (N.D. New York October 15, 2015)], the female driver tried to evade stopping and giving me her information and car insurance info, and I had to call 911 and ask for help. Later, through insurance company disclosures and law enforcement disclosures, I found out that the female driver who ran me off the road and then tried to evade accountability was either a Deputy with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office or it was her Husband who was a Deputy. Ever since this incident in Fall-2014, there has been much tension between me and Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

(ii). In mid-January, 2016, 2 FBI Agents with the Tampa-Orlando FBI office and a Detective with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (who I believe is also a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal attached to the Tampa-Orlando Joint Terrorism Task Force) came into my home & curtilage uninvited. At this time, I promptly invoked my Fifth Amendment Pre-Arrest right to speak to an attorney [via the Miranda v. Arizona decision, the Due Process clause of the Fifth Amendment, Edwards v. Arizona, 451 U.S 477 (1981), Rhode Island v. Innis, 446 U.S. 291 (1980), and Davis v. United States, 512 U.S. 452 (1994) U.S. Supreme Court decisions] and my Fifth Amendment Right to Remain Silent. However, they ignored my invocation of my Constitutional Rights, and continued to interrogate me under duress and by force.

With all of this tension and hostile & contentious history, combined with what Hernando County Sheriff’s Office staff knew about my Internet Websites and Web Repositories, they did not warn this rookie Hernando County Sheriff’s Deputy from moving next to my home.
In hindsight analysis, I realize that it’s entirely conceivable– given the past despicable behavior of Hernando County Sheriff’s Officer staff AND Tampa-Orlando FBI & JTTF staff– that they encouraged this rookie HCSO Deputy into moving next to my home OR they failed to warn him and put him on notice. I believe that the reason for this is so that thereupon, the Cops can– “with a straight face” so to speak– cite the “perceived risk” that the HCSO Deputy and his family face as a result of living next door to me, and thereby justify “SIGNIFICANTLY ESCALATING the INTRUSION” into my life and increase the forms of Very Intrusive Surveillance that have been INFLICTED Upon me [Electronic Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (ELINT, which is a sub-part of SIGINT), Cyber Warfare, etc.].

(7). Cops will also utilize one of these homes or apartments as Observation Posts (OP’s), so the Surveillance Teams (typically 4-6 FBI Investigative Specialists) can rest there while they view the very private activities of their target who is in his/her home. The Cops utilize surreptitiously placed CCTV Cameras and Audio Devices to monitor and track their target insider his/her home and vehicle.
FBI Investigative Specialists utilize information obtained by viewing their Target’s activities, what he does, who he talks to and associates with, his interests and habits, etc., to build what is referred to as “the Target’s Patterns of Life.” This is done so that the Cops can, in a sense, have FORE-KNOWLEDGE of what their Target Might Do in a given situation. This also allows the Cops to EXPLOIT circumstances and events that their target might face or that the Cops can “create”, knowing that the target would, in all probability, make a particular decision (given that the Cops can Deduce the Habits and Proclivities of the Target, after having studied the “Patterns of Life” of their target).

(8). From what I understand about how Cops obtain Search Warrants justifying these Very High Intrusions into the life of their target, FBI Special Agents, FBI Investigative Specialists, and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals attached to JTTFs utilize either:
(i). Fed. R. Crim. P. 41(b) AND The All Writs Act (28 USC §1651)
(ii). Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Authorization (50 USC §1801, et seq.).

(9). Due to the years of persistent Surveillance, Harassment, Stalking, and Intimidation by the Tampa-Orlando FBI Agents and Special Deputy U.S. Marshals attached to the Tampa-Orlando JTTF, in early 2021, I got the family member whose home I live in, to install an 8-Camera CCTV system around the home. Using a Concept in Surveillance called “Baseline Activities,” I have obtained plenty of video proof of the vehicular surveillance that I’ve been subjected to for years. Also, over the past approx. 3 years I’ve also utilized my Smartphone video recorder and a Dashcam video recorder that I have in my car, to video record the surveillance & stalking by Cops.

Using video recordings that I’ve made over the years, documenting the above noted Unethical and potentially illegal conduct by these Cops, and based on my affidavit or my evidentiary testimony, I may perhaps be able to help your client receive some measure of Justice and Fairness in Federal Court. As the attorney of record in the case, only you can ultimately determine whether the information I can provide would be useful to your client as he seeks Justice in the Courts.

When you do email me, please call me on (508)-630-6757 and let me know (even if a voice mail) that you replied back to my email.
As I briefly told you, the FBI and their hacking unit (The FBI Remote Operations Unit) have for years been breaking into my PC and my Smartphone. As a result, I’ve lost Files and other data due to the potentially illegal or Unethical conduct of these Cops, and thus I’m well aware of their “Dirty Tactics,” and that’s why I’m resorting to the above precautionary measure. See for example the 2 links below:
Dr. Trey Herr and Major Sally White on ‘DIGITAL IRREGULAR WARFARE – CYBER AT THE TACTICAL LEVEL‘ (05.20.2022); by Irregular Warfare Podcast at The Modern Warfare Institute:

My Update on Wednesday, January 19, 2022:

These Cops have done this to me in part, because of My Peaceful Advocacy of The First Amendment Rights and The Second Amendment Rights Contained in The Bill of Rights, and because over the years I have created several Online Websites dealing with The First Amendment and The Second Amendment Rights and had created several Web Repositories (i.e., Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, ScribD, Box, Slideshare, etc.) dealing with Self-Help How-to Sue Cops Manuals in order to hold them accountable.

One of the principal goals of the FBI is to “gather Intelligence” on any person that the Bureau deems a person-of-interest based on that person having deviated from “approved conduct.” In the context of Cops “gathering Intelligence” (i.e., gathering “Intel”), what Intel means is “analyzed INFORMATION that is both verifiable and actionable.”

Such deviating conduct of a person-of-interest can, for example, especially consist of a person having participated in a civil rights demonstration that protests Police Brutality & Corruption, or similar activities that challenge the societal status-quo. Since Cops (i.e., FBI Agents, ATF Agents, Special Deputy U.S. Marshals, Deputy Sheriffs, State Troopers, Police Officers, Probation & Parole Officers, Prison Guards, etc.) are assigned the role of enforcing what conduct is allowed and what is not, any “perceived challenge” to their power– whether it be in the political, media, or social arena– is harshly dealt with. Thus, like a hunter stalking a prey, Cops will use tax payer money and public-paid resources to “surveil and hunt” persons or groups they deem a threat to the “Job Security and continued Prosperity” of themselves and their families. I recall watching a video around approx. 6 years ago, produced by The Real News Network, where Mr. Eddie Conway was speaking to a crowd in Baltimore about his experience as a civil rights activist in the late 60’s, and one African American lady spoke up from the audience and talked about how Cops would come into her community to “Poach Our Sons.”

Prominent civil rights activist from the 1960’s and 70’s Dr. Angela Davis, law professor Michelle Alexander, and other scholars have spoken out for many years about the American Prison Industrial Complex and the persistent, structural incentives behind this system that makes it resistant to meaningful change. One of the reasons is because the largest beneficiary of the American Prison Industrial Complex– both as individuals and as a social group– are Cops Thus, powerful and influential LEO/CO Labor Union Groups– Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers’ Labor Unions– mount direct and indirect attacks (in the Political, Media, Social, and Legal Domains) on any federal and state level meaningful efforts.

Whether you’re talking about COINTELPRO of the 1960’s or COINTELPRO 2.0 after the 9/11 National Tragedy, Cops continue to use “Diabolically Clever” dirty tactics against civil rights & civil liberties activists, while “Feigning deep regret” over their using “Dirty Tactics” on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and other civil rights activists in the 1960’s and 70’s. I’m well aware of the disingenuity of such “Pretended Remorse” by Cops, given that Cops use some tactics (that the East-German Stasi used) against civil rights & civil liberties activists such as myself.

Some of their Dirty Tactics use “indirect attacks” as attack vectors. One recent example:
On Dec. 29th and 30th, I, my sister (who lives in a State up north), and her 2 little sons, visited Universal Studios and Disney’s Sea World in Orlando, FL. I was seeing my sister and my 2 nephews after approx. 4 years. At Universal Studios, while we were all walking among a large crowd to go from one event to another, a white male who appeared to be approx., my age (early 50’s) put both his hands on my 9 y.o. nephew, and then promptly drew back into the crowd and back behind us. I was directly behind my sister and her 2 sons, and I distinctly remember that this pervert was wearing a very bright, turquoise blue color t-shirt, and had appeared from my left side, while we were all moving forward among a large crowd. It took a lot of immediate attempt at calming-down in my mind, to refrain from reacting protectively to this pervert’s startling action. And then, not 2 seconds later the same guy appeared this time on my right side, and was walking 1-step ahead of me, right behind my 2 nephews. I spoke to him and calmly but firmly told him “Hey, don’t put your hands again on my nephew!,” and he immediately veered out to the right of the crowd-flow, and away to the right. There was no profanity or any verbal threats exchanged between me and the pervert, and there was no physical contact between us.

Late that night me, my sister and her 2 sons checked into a hotel in Orlando (my sister had made reservations for us at this hotel several weeks prior), and we looked forward to spending time at Disney’s Sea World the following day. When the 4 of us took the elevator up and walked on the hallway to the door of the hotel room, the hallway was completely deserted because it was close to midnight. Just as we were about to open the door, the door of the hotel room to the immediate-left of our hotel room opened, and a white male, approx. in his late 50’s, came out while making direct eye contact with me, and then he walked away to where the elevator was. Talk about timing!

Both I and my sister had been given individual hotel key cards at the front desk. For some reason, her key card worked while my key card would not work! I could just visualize several Cops in the restricted room, where the hotel security (many of whom are either retired Cops or are active Cops who’re moonlighting as security guards) monitor the internal and external of the hotel via banks of CCTV cameras, jeering at me while using the internal hotel computer security system to repeatedly electronically block me, each time I attempted to use my hotel key card in order to enter my assigned hotel room.

The following morning we checked out of the hotel, and as my sister drove the rented car to the hotel exit, who do I see in the hotel parking lot next to a car, standing alongside a white female who appeared to be in her early to mid 30’s? The pervert from prior day, wearing the identical very bright, turquoise blue color t-shirt.

As someone who has been stalked, surveilled, and intimidated by Cops for years, it immediately dawned on me that the “supposed pervert” in the crowd from the prior day was most probably an undercover cop, and undoubtedly there must have been several other undercover cops following both of us closely, waiting to EXPLOIT the situation had I reacted with physical force against the “supposed pervert,” in order to protect my nephew. From a tactical standpoint, it also made a lot of sense why the “supposed pervert” in a large moving crowd was wearing a very bright, turquoise blue color t-shirt, because that would aid the several undercover Cops in the large moving crowd, in tracking the “supposed pervert” (and thereby tracking me), while being ready to explode into action based on a prior agreed strategy. Thus, it made perfect sense that the prior day’s startling event had been a Set-up to try to either cause me grave physically injury or to create a ruse in order to arrest me (on perhaps a Florida State Assault & Battery criminal charge). These types of Set-ups have “Plausible Deniability” factored into the scheme by the Cops.

Cops have used an East-German Stasi Tactic called “Zersetzung” (Decomposition, Bio-Degradation– a psychological warfare technique) on me for a while, and more info about this Tactic is available at the following 2 websites:
(1). Stasi Tactic “Zersetzung” on Wikipedia:

(2). Stasi Tactic “Zersetzung” Explained:

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